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Your full service E-2 Treaty Investments & Consultancy Company has discontinued its activities in May 2016

The United States is arguably one of the most inspiring countries in the world. If your dream is to move to America, lawful permanent residence in the United States is available to qualified individuals who are able to invest money in a U.S.-based business.
The investment and visa process is complicated however, and even the most sophisticated investor might require assistance.

For foreign investors wishing to buy their business in the United States and to take advantage of the American business environment, the E-2 visa is often the most appropriate nonimmigrant visa. The documentation that must be submitted to the American authorities in support of these applications is quite extensive and subject to frequent change and as a full service E-2 Treaty Investments & Consultancy Company, Dupont Lillquist, LLC is your first port of call.

Dupont Lillquist, LLC was established for the specific purpose of helping and advising such investors by providing them with advice, information and practical assistance, quickly and on a confidential basis, as well as providing them access to a high volume of businesses for sale in the United States and many qualified buyers looking to purchase a business.
We help corporate and individual investors obtain appropriate visas. We also provide immigration guidance with respect to the regulations which govern investment decisions, such as determining how much to invest, assessing business profitability relating to visa eligibility and advising on requirements to obtain visas for employees.
An E-2 visa may be a viable option for investors who seek to purchase a business in the United States.

Founded in 2013, Dupont Lillquist, LLC advises and assists aspiring entrepreneurs to realize their own business in North America, based on their personal goals and ambitions. We review the investment strategy, determine the best immigration options, the requirements of the process will be appointed and services offered to start or buy a business in the US.

In summary: “E-2 Treaty Investments & Consulting” is our business

Let us help you start your business in the United States of America and put our expertise to work for you.

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